Inland Tariff

Transport Date*
Tariff Number
Origin City*
Origin Port (POL)*

For rates between 1st Jan, 2016 and 14th Feb 2016 only, please apply an additional 12% for Truck, 16% for Rail and 14% for combined truck/rail for rates shown below to cover fuel surcharge. For all other time periods please utilize below rates which consider the applicable Fuel Surcharge already. This is applicable for North American inland moves only.

The following categories are differentiated by cargo weight.

Weight Classes for 20’ Equipment:

  • WC_1 = 0 – 16.5t incl. tare
  • WC_2 = 16.5t – 25t incl. tare
  • WC_3 > 25t incl. tare subject to local road limitations

Weight Classes for 40’ Equipment:

  • WC_4 = 0 – 16.5t incl. tare
  • WC_5 = 16.5t – 26.5t incl. tare
  • WC_6 > 26.5t incl. tare subject to local road limitations

*only valid for German origins/destinations

If your inland tariff is not available, you can contact your local sales office for help.

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